Variable Displacement & Compression


VDC- a unique new engine concept

•  IDS-Research has designed an entirely new engine concept named VDC,

    which stands for "Variable Displacement and Compression System".

    A VDC equipped engine offers the performance of units twice its size

    without any increase in the fuel consumption.

•  The idea has been tried before by SAAB, but they failed

    because their engine became extremely noisy and unreliable.

    We have completely and reliably solved those issues.

•  What is unique about our VDC system is that it features variable compression

    so the piston's displacement volume is not constant, as it is in other engines.

    Instead, the VDC System decides how much fuel and air is needed

    and the engine changes its compression ratio and displacement so that

    it always works at its most efficient level.

•  On the hi-way it is lower for more efficient cruising, unless you are towing.

    When accelerating or on steep roads or when towing a heavy load,

    it automatically increases it's compression and displacement for greater torque.

•  It is this variable compression and displacement that makes a VDC engine

    so strong and at the same time so fuel-efficient.

    It provides both greater torque and higher power output only when needed

    and greater fuel efficiency when not needed.

•  The smaller cylinder displacement means a lighter engine

    so it uses fuel more efficiently compared to a conventional engine.

    Fuel consumption can be reduced by 30 percent (SAAB's estimate)

    .... while retaining existing performance levels.


Our VDC represents a huge advancement in piston engine technology.







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