Business Plan




•  The funds required for the commercial development of the bike

    will be spent on tweaking the many minor variations and adjustments. 

•  Although the design is inherently very simple,

    much time will be spent "balancing" the design for most efficient performance. 

    For this reason it will become a simple yet time consuming process.

  1. The process of introduction is expected to take a couple of years. 

    It is expected to take just under $1M but upwards of 2 years

    to have it  "ready for prime time".


•  Once the development is complete, the penetration into the bike market will be slow

    due to a lack of ability to produce the massive volumes that the market represents. 

    The specialty market shall be the first to be concentrated on

    to gain customer support as the design shows its advantages. 

    The design will then will work its way toward the middle of the market

    with licensed production by larger firms.

We do not expect to complete the Locus Project

until we have our R&D Campus in Silicon Valley.


•  This is the first new direction for bikes since their inception, offering ....

  1.                 •  infinitely variable transmission

  2.                 •  2-wheel drive

  3.                 •  3-stage suspension

  4.                 •  anti-lock brakes

  5.                 •  no spokes

  6.                 •  no chain

  7.                 •  no cables

  8.                 •  NO grease. 

  9.                 •  folds up for easy trunk transport or storage. 

•  This is not just a bike, but a modular METHOD of designing and making bikes

    that can be adapted into any style or size.



•  The bike market is huge, but the bulk of production is very centralized. 

    A significant penetration is expected into the "custom" market

    where the cutting edge of bike designs exists. 

•  The grease-free, frameless design stands apart

    from all other approaches used in bike designs.



•  The basic bike has not changed much

    since the introduction of the "Rover Safety Bike" in 1885. 

•  Today's bikes are high-maintenance. 

    They need cables adjusted and replaced,

    derailers adjusted, spokes adjusted and replaced. 

    Their brakes are not effective enough,

    the gearing is difficult to use

    and when they have suspension,

    15% of the pedal effort is lost due to the suspension's action.

•  The bike and bike related equipment, constitutes the most patented of all inventions. 

    There is a huge selection of bikes and related products in the world. 

    It is our understanding that most bikes are produced by one company

    called "Giant" in Taiwan .... with other people's labels on them. 

•  Most of the other bike manufacturers make higher end or specialty designs.

    In order to eliminate direct competition from other bike makers

    and to develop a significant penetration into that market,

    it is important to take a completely fresh approach ....

    as if a bike was being designed for the very first time.

•  For the Frameless Bike there is only relatively primitive competition. 

    The suspension, drive system and brake systems

    are far more "simpler yet more advanced" in this design. 

    It, therefore, does not directly compare with existing bikes

    which are still based on the original "Rover Safety Bike".


Competitive Advantage

•  It is clear from the description,

    that it has been shown WHAT on our WebSite,

    but not yet HOW each feature was accomplish,

    because the Locus Project is still under IDS-Research

    and has not yet been transfered to IDS-Development.

  1. Locus representing a modular mix-and-match METHOD

    for creating MANY bike designs.








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