Agency Agreement

•  The Agency Agreement has an initial term of ten (5) years.

    The agreement may be renewed by either party for another (5) years.

    It grants IDS-Development the exclusive rights to represent each technology worldwide.

            NOTE:   A Company must achieve minimum performance to maintain rights.

                          If IDS-Development fails to perform, all its rights revert to the inventor.


•  There are NO patents external to IDS-Research's technologies

    involved with ANY technologies offered by IDS-Development.


•  Intellectual property is owned by the inventor and 15% is vested into IDS-Development

    in addition to the exclusive agency rights.

    The Agreement requires that IDS-Development pay the inventor

    an exclusivity fee of 1/4th of the value of stock sold and fees collected.

    This exclusivity fee is payable as monies are acquired.

    These fees are required to repay expenses incurred thru IDS-Research.


•  The design studio (IDS-Research) provides only technology creation and documentation.

    IDS-Research will not retain any ownership in any of the technologies that emerge from it,

    nor does it retain any ownership in IDS-Development. 

    IDS-Development is independent of IDS-Research.


•  IDS-Development has the exclusive right to act as agent for the patent holder

    in the sale or license of rights based on particular embodiments and applications

     for each technology released. 

•  A company who wishes to purchase or license the embodiment or application rights in question,

    must negotiate such a purchase or license through IDS-Development as exclusive agent.

    Ownership of that embodiment or application will be issued, upon approval by the patent holder,

    based on the agreements negotiated between the client company and IDS-Development as agent. 

    The company in question will then have the rights to use the technological embodiment

    in their particular application.

    These rights can ONLY be revoked due to lack of performance.

•  IDS-Development is entitled to a permanent percentage of all fees

    that result from arrangements made with client companies.

    IDS-Development purchases this right from the patent holder. 

    This payment is required to help defer the considerable design and documentation costs

    that have been incurred through IDS-Research to date.









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